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creating the future.


organisations have committed to creating an anti-racist future. Meet them here.


We want to find out how to help communities move towards recovery and renewal after the pandemic. In doing so, we want to draw on all the creativity we’ve seen in communities and across civil society.

Anti-racist Futures brings together a number of partners to explore whether we see anti-racism as part of the future for Birmingham. Young people, educationalists, housing associations, and community groups are all coming together to explore the experiences of people in Birmingham – and dream of the Birmingham we want to become. 

You can see the latest blueprint for the future here. But this isn't fixed. You can shape it. If you would like to be part of creating an anti-racist future contact us here.

Anti-racist Futures is a project run by brap, a charity transforming the way we think and do equality.



If you're interested in creating an anti-racist future, drop us a line.

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